Shameless “Linsanity” link

Posted on February 18, 2012


In an over-committed personal and professional life — which includes teaching, overseeing another blog, being an editor of an academic journal, trying to get better on electric guitar, running, Bikram yoga, and refereeing on-going incidents involving two house-bound tomcats — this blog seems to have drawn the short straw for the time being.

But to keep at least some new content appearing, I will link to sports-related posts I write on the Ethics For Adversaries blog that I run.

Here’s one that links to an interesting column by David Brooks, which in turn clutches shamelessly on the coat tails of Jeremy Lin. Like many of the issues discussed over at Ethics for Adversaries, it is trying to make sense of the ways that norms, values, principles, virtues, etc, in “deliberately adversarial institutions” diverge from those we use in “everyday life”.