This Sporting Life is about to come to life again!

Posted on August 28, 2017


This blog has had a long off-season. Like, five years. It began as a set of reflections on sport over the course of a full calendar year in the world of sport — a year at the beginning of the second decade in this century, which included a Winter Olympics and a FIFA World Cup. It collected a few of my thoughts about “this sporting life” intermittently for another couple of years, then dozed off.

Since then, if I’ve had anything longer than 140 characters to say about sport, it has gone into my other blog, called Ethics for Adversaries, which explores the ways our thoughts about ethics are or are not different in “deliberately adversarial institutions.” All sports count as institutions or practices that are designed to be competitive. But so do markets, most legal systems, democratic politics, scientific research, international espionage, and war.

I’m currently writing a book about what these different adversarial institutions can learn from each other about ethics and institutional design.

But now that I’m about to teach a Philosophy Sport class this autumn at Duke University — for the first time in my three-decades-long career — you can expect fresh content. Perhaps even guest posts from some of my students (not necessarily, but possibly, pictured above).

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